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this soundscape was produced for sigur rós as intro ‘music’ for their show at jodrell bank by producer alex somers from recordings of “sounds from space” provided by professor tim o’brien of the university of manchester’s jodrell bank observatory. the sounds include jodrell bank’s own archive recordings made over the past six decades: radio echoes from meteors; signals from spacecraft travelling to the moon and beyond; and the rhythmic beat of the first pulsar cp1919, a spinning dead star the size of a city but weighing as much as the sun.

fyi, we’ve finally added a proper videos page to our site - - where we’ve collected dozens of official videos, live videos and some rare stuff in between. videos dated 1998-2013.

#kveikur available worldwide

sigur rós tonight on the simpsons, at 8pm on fox in america.


from the unreleased work “odin’s raven magic,” based on the ancient icelandic poem. performed in reykjavík 2002 with orchestra and choir.

a snippet from the new live show

a snippet from the new live show

photo by sergio massironi, taken at the milan concert in 2005 - tonight the band play in milan again